Annual Schedule

Akatsutsumi Church Schedule for 2020
Item Date Details
Feb Ash Wednesday 2020/2/26 Wed Mass 7 PM High Mass, Low Mass
Mar Day of Meditation 2020/3/8 Sun After Mass 9:30
Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation 2020/3/15 Sun Mass 9:30 AM
Apr Palm Sunday 2020/4/5 Sun Mass 9:30 AM
Holy Thursday, Last Supper 2020/4/9 Thu Mass 7 PM
Holy Friday, Christ’s Passion 2020/4/10 Fri Sacrament 7 PM High Mass, Low Mass
Holy Saturday, preparation for Resurrection 2020/4/11 Sat Mass 7 PM
Holy Resurrection 2020/4/12 Sun After Mass 9:30 AM Party
May General cleanup of church building 2020/5/17 Sun After Mass 9:30
Jul Church Summer School or attraction 2020/7/25 Sat To be announced
Aug BBQ with students 2020/8/9 Sun To be announced
Ascension of St. Mary 2020/8/15 Sat Mass 7 PM
Sep Respect for the Aged 2020/9/20 Sun Red Rice and other presents
Nov 7-5-3 Celebration 2020/11/8 Sun Presents for children
Group cemetery visit 2020/11/8 Sun 2 PM at cemetry
Mini-mini-bazaar 2020/11/15 Sun
Christmas Decorations go up 2020/11/22 Sun After Mass 9:30
Day of Meditation 2020/11/29 Sun After Mass 9:30
Dec Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation 2020/12/6 Sun Mass 9:30 AM
Chrismas play 2020/12/13 Sun Mass 9:30 AM
Christmas Eve 2020/12/24 Thu Mass 7 PM
Lord’s Birthday 2020/12/25 Fri Mass 10 AM
Christmas Decorations come down 2020/12/27 Sun
Year-end Party 2020/12/29 Tue
2021 Mother of God St. Mary First Mass of the Year 2021/1/1 Fri Mass 10 AM After that New Year greetings and toast
Jan coming‐of‐age day 2021/1/10 Sun Presents for children
General Parish Meeting 2021/1/24 Sun After Mass 9:30 AM